50'S Accessories

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50s Black Frame Glasses

Every major playervillain, hero, or even supporting characterknows that the right accessory makes for the lasting image. And that was never truer than in the smart and stylish times of the Gold and Silver ages.

Think back to the smartest and snazziest of lasses. Lois Lane, Mary Jane, Catwoman, and even the perfect depiction of the smart librarian ready to give the important clue the keen reporters and would be Mad Women of the 50s One image comes to mind and you can perfectly evoke that bygone era with these 50s Black Frame glasses.

Rhinestone decorated and sturdy plastic frames with clear lenses, the glasses ensure clear vision and that perfect blend of smart and intimidating appearances. Narrow the retro frame down on your nose to give a look that lasts.

Add to your existing costume or outfit to complete the look or give it an accent that wont be forgotten. The cat frame will give your eyes that wide and alluring look that will leave you thinking, Purrfect.


50s Pink Frame Glasses

The 1950s arent always thought of as one of the most colorful eras of American history, especially when you compare them to decades like the roaring '20s, the psychedelic 60s, or the day-glo neon 80s. But even though a lot of the days entertainment was black and white, there are still plenty of flashes of rosy color to be found in the Eisenhower era.

Whats more 50s than a pink Cadillac, for instance? Or how about the pink flamingos that started popping up in the lawns of newly built suburbs?

And every teenage fashion plate kept at least one pink poodle skirt in her wardrobe. And then you have these snazzy specs, representing the classic cat eye style in bright, bold pink.

With pointy, plastic rims and glitzy rhinestone details, theyre just the sort of eye wear you might spot on a sassy car hop, at a swingin sock hop, or out for a cruise up Blueberry Hill. Theyre a blast from the past and a splash of colorful attitude no matter what era you happen to be living in.


Black Layered Tulle Petticoat

Every woman needs little help now and then, a little umph! We need things pushed up, squeezed in, and held down.

We need to pluck, tweeze, shave, sculpt, curl, straighten, dye, extend, and wax. It can be time-consuming and exhausting.

Luckily, we get help in all sorts of mysterious ways, from waterproof mascara to push up bras.(Chocolate helps, too.

Chocolate and wine.) It takes a lot of work to be a woman.

Sometimes, like us, our skirts fall a little flat, too. That's where this layered tulle petticoat comes in.

Simply add it under your dress or skirt. It seamlessly steps up to fluff and fill in where needed so that we can walk around and give off the illusion of effortless perfection.


Pink Poodle Costume Scarf

Did you know that the whole Poodle Skirt thing was not, in fact, borne out of an obsession with those snobby she-she curly-haired dogs? Nope - the whole thing started when Juli Charlot needed a new dress to wear to a party but couldnt sew to save her life - so she cut a wide circle out of some felt, cut a donut-hole circle the size of her waist out of the middle, and then appliqud a cute little holiday Christmas tree on the skirt.

The skirt was such a hit that she started to make and sell them - using the money to go to design school (and finally learn how sew)! The most popular design?

The chic, well-groomed poodle with a swirly leash! And if you wanna get lost in the 50s tonight, theres no better way to do it than revive that classic 50s fashion with this Pink Poodle Scarf!

Look like an Earth Angel and share a piece of fashion history by tying this pink nylon scarf with a poodle appliqu around your neck for a style thatll rock around the clock!

Poodle Socks

Whats buzzin cuzzin? Looking for the perfect accessory to complete your nifty 50s costume?

Getting nervous because the big day is coming up and you have yet to finish your outfit? Well, you can lose the zorros, there's no reason to worry.

We have just what you need. Cast an eye on these adorable Poodle Socks!

If you want to be the coolest cat at the costume party then these socks will leave you right on cloud 9. Nothing pulls an entire outfit together like the right pair of socks.

You wouldnt wear athletic socks with a nice suit or dress socks with your workout gear, right? So why would you wear boring modern socks with an exciting 50s costume?

You wouldnt..

. Unless you want to end up in Nowheresville.

But you seem like a real livewire that wants to light up the night and find a one-way ticket to the hippest party in town. Pssst.

These Poodle Socks are pretty much your ticket into the limelight!

Vintage Cat Eye Black/Clear Glasses

If you want to be the coolest cat in the party scene this year then you need the purrfect accessories to add to your costume. Dress up in a fun 50s or 60s style outfit and youll be ready to give everyone a trip to the past at any Halloween party.

Once you complete your outfit with the perfect threads, just add this pair of Vintage Cat Eye Glasses and it will look as if you walked right off the set of Mad Men. Youll look like the sassiest gal at any party when you strut your stuff with these retro glasses.

If anyone decides to give you trouble, you can simply pull these cat eye glasses down the brim of your nose and give them that dead-eyed stare youve been perfecting all these years. These glasses will add a whole new level of intimidation and whoever is giving you trouble will quietly leave.

So grab your own pair today and take a look at the rest of our vintage accessories to complete your new retro look!