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Abduction Costume Hat Alien

Brain Abduction Have you ever had one of those moments? You know, one of those instances that feels like your brain has left your body for a second.


almost like it's gone to outer space. We've heard people call these "brain farts" before.

We have a different theory. What if we told you that we think it's actually aliens.

Just hear us out before you start looking at us like the guy from the aliens meme! Aliens are commonly accused of abducting cows and people who wander off by themselves.

It's not such a huge leap for them to abduct a human brain for a few seconds and then toss it back in without anyone being the wiser. And what about all of those movies that feature aliens trying to use mind control against humans?

In fact, what if there's a tiny alien watching your brain right now, waiting to steal it right in the middle of a conversation with your friends!?

Product Details Alright, so maybe our theory is a little far-fetched and ill-constructed, but it's nice to pretend! Now with this Alien Abduction Hat, you can pretend like all of those little brain farts that happen during the day are caused by this little fella!

The hat is designed to look like a tiny U.F.

O. and it fits comfortably on your head to give you an easy costume option for any party.


Adult Alien Space Costume Kit

Under New Management You've always heard that Earthlings were something else, but now you've seen it with your own eyes! You just landed to begin your takeover and instead of being suitably scared, they keep saying things like "Cool costume!

" Oh well. You can start your extraterrestrial monarchy tomorrow.

Today, you can have party with your new subjects. Product Details No flying saucer required to wear this cute Alien Space Kit for Adults!

The set includes a plastic headband fitted with two glittery bopper balls suspended on sturdy silver-tone springs. A set of pink plastic sunglasses with one long eyepiece gives you the appearance of an ultra-cool traveler from a different galaxy.

Best in the Milky Way What's one good reason that you should take over the planet? For starters, you have awesome style!

Just consider your current outfit as an example: You created an out-of-this-world costume with just a few key pieces.


Alien Tetz Deluxe Mask

Close Encounter of the UFO Kind We can only guess what it would be like to meet a real, live alien from beyond the stars, but the encounter would probably go one of two ways. Either the extraterrestrials would be generous in imparting their foreign wisdom and maybe even give tours of their spaceships, or they would swoop in with ray guns blasting.

Fifty-fifty chance we either get cool technology or are turned into highly charged atoms. Product Details Will you be a benevolent visitor or a vengeful conqueror in this Alien Adult Tetz Mask?

The molded latex mask has an opening in the back for wearing and conceals your entire head. Awesome details including oversized amber eyes, realistic-looking blue and peach skin, and a scowling expression will have everyone doing double-takes, wondering if the invasion has finally begun.

Greetings, Earthlings Add this mask to your alien outfit to complete an out-of-this-world Halloween costume! Or, you could use it to play practical jokes.

Whatever floats your flying saucer!


Alpha Centauri Alien Adult Mask

Time for the Invasion At first, you were merely planning a fact-finding mission. But then you landed on this strange blue marble and discovered that the creatures here are incomprehensible.

They keep calling you "E.T.

" and have the most bizzare customs, like calling the liquid produced by an oat "milk," even though it didn't come from an animal. Clearly, they need a better ruling system.

They will hail your reign with gladness. Product Details Be the first of your kind to visit Earth in this Alpha Centauri Alien Mask for Adults!

This space visitor mask covers your entire head and neck area and is molded to look like a snarling, skeletal extraterrestrial with big black eyes, and silvery teeth. The back of the head resembles bluish membrane stretched over exposed brain matter.

View ports let you see where you're going. Very Friendly These Earthlings do not seem to be taking your invasion seriously.

Instead, they keep saying bizarre things like, "Cool mask!" and inviting you to parties.

It is annoying, but kind of nice. You can postpone the hostile takeover until after this round of karaoke.


Light up Alien UFO Skirt

They Come in Peace Greetings, humans. Do not fear.

We have not come to annihilate your pitiful planet but to share with you our vastly superior wisdom. We can help to eliminate famine, global warming, and those boy band phenomena whose posters you will be embarrassed about buying five years later.

To top it off, we will also bequeath to you our amazing and innovative fashions! Product Details Your outfit will be out of this world when you wear this Light Up Alien UFO Skirt!

The miniskirt has a soft waistband and is stiff enough to stand out around your hips and give you a sassy silhouette. The iridescent material is embedded with LED lights that light up with the press of a button (batteries not replaceable).

Project Pluto Runway So this is what NASA was hiding at Roswell! Clearly there was evidence of alien style so amazing that they knew it would destroy the fashion industries.

Turns out that Neptune, not Paris, is the fashion capital of the solar system!