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Black Beret Accessory

Answer the Call Calling all artists and army vets, all mime actors and military aces..

. not to mention the Francophiles and fashionistas!

You've already had the ultimate in occupations. No doubt, you've gathered followers and fans from all over the world who are eager to hear your every word (or at least see what you've got to show, for you mimes out there).

But are you really showing your best side? Might there be something you're missing that would really tie your whole essence together?

Design & Details Channel the true spirit of the artist warrior and fashion-forward trendsetters with this Black Beret. This cap can top off any costume to give you the fully accessorized form or can be added to any of your regular clothes to add a bit of extra finesse to your style.

The beret is best worn flat on your head, halfway up your forehead and an inch behind the ears. Tuck the brim and pull it to a slant for a true fashionista's statement.

Without saying a word, you will show those around you that you've been all over the world..

. or at least to the tastiest of options out there!