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Adult Spider-Man Silk Touch Comfy Throw

I Can Feel My Spider Senses Tingling..

. .


they're telling me Spider-Man is taking a day off from hero work. If Spidey can do it, so can you!

And you can look just as good doing it, too. Whether you're wearing this silk touch comfy throw at home or to a casual Halloween party, you'll feel great about it, we guarantee it.

Do all the things Peter Parker would do on his day off. Eat all the snacks.

Have a movie marathon. Play your favorite online game.

Just hang out! When you've got this wearable blanket on, nobody can stop you.

Product Details This Spider-Man Adult Silk Touch Comfy Throw is a costume, a blanket, a robe, and a bed, all in one. Spider-Man's body is printed onto the front with such fine detail that people may do a double take at first.

The only thing you'll be fighting with this on is sleep. And how could you not?

It's warm, comfortable, and hugs whoever wears it (because it's one-size-fits-most) in the most soothing, relaxing way possible. You can even wear it to the premier of the next Spider-Man movie!

There's only one way to beat reclining seats, extra-buttery popcorn, and a huge soda, and that's if you're literally wearing a blanket, too.

Batman Adult Comfy Silk Touch Throw Blanket

From Couch Potato To Bat-tato Finally, you can look just like your favorite hero while you lounge around on the couch. Rewatch the live-action movies or your favorite animated Batman series while you stay warm in this Batman Adult Silk Touch Comfy Throw Blanket.

Youll look ready to offer Bruce a hand in his fights with the Joker and the other supervillains terrorizing Gotham. However, youll be so comfortable that youll just let the professional handle the dirty work.

Chances are you would just end up slowing him down anyways, so you might as well sit back, grab some delicious snacks, and enjoy the show. The Bat-tails This cozy throw blanket is made of 100% fleece polyester and is super soft to the touch.

Measuring at approximately 48inches by 71inches, itll cover you from your neck on down. There are also sleeves attached to the blanket.

Whether you need to turn up the volume or toss a Batarang at a crook, you wont have to worry about your warmth and comfort being disrupted. This officially licensed item is also machine washable.

So whether you spill some guac or get clown makeup smudged all over, toss this blanket in the wash and have it clean in no time!

Beetlejuice Handbook for the Recently Deceased Tapestry Blanket

Dead and Cozy Do you think the dead enjoy being cozy? We know that the living love nothing more than snuggling under a blanket on the couch, but what about the Maitlands?

When they're all ready to turn in for the night, do they break out their best tapestry throw? What would that even look like?

The blanket for the dead..

. Well, we think that the dead would definitely be using this Handbook for the Recently Deceased Tapestry Throw, which is officially licensed from the Tim Burton classic, Beetlejuice.

Product Details This officially licensed blanket has plenty of great details that any Beetlejuice fan will love! The front has a colorful image of the iconic book in the center.

The edges feature fringe, making it a great piece of home decor, as well as a comfy blanket to snuggle with. The blanket measures 48 inches by 60 inches, so you toss it over you during your nap on the couch!

$39.99 $49.99

Captain America Comfy Silk Touch Throw Blanket

Captain Comfort Usually, if you see Captain America, hes out saving the planet from utter destruction. Well, now you can find him on the couch catching up on his soaps and favorite murder mysteries.

This Captain America Silk Touch Comfy Throw Blanket makes for the perfect gift for the Marvel fanatic in your life (even if that somebody is you). Not only can you comfortably enjoy a night at home with this blanket, but youll also look like the beloved super-soldier!

Steve Rogers used his super-human abilities to defend the Earth from countless threats with the help of his fellow Avengers. You will use this Comfy Throw Blanket to defend yourself from countless hours of boredom with the help of your favorite Marvel movies and TV series!

Product Details This body blanket measures to be right around 48x71 inches, so it should easily cover your neck down to your feet. It is designed with attached sleeves that will ensure constant warmth and comfort, even if you have to reach out for the remote or hurl your shield at an incoming enemy.

As mentioned above, Captain Americas super suit is printed on the front side of the blanket as well as his iconic vibranium-metal shield.

Cheer Bear Care Bears Wearable Comfy Throw

The Silver Lining Cheer Bear's talent is seeing the good in any situation! She knows that even the gloomiest rainy days have one good thing going for them: Sooner or later, the clouds will part and a beautiful rainbow will shine through.

And in the meantime, you can always snuggle up under a favorite blanket! Product Details Make any day more, well, cheerful with this exclusive, officially licensed Cheer Bear Care Bears Wearable Throw!

The soft pink polyester throw blanket slips on over your head and has long, oversized sleeves. The front is printed with Cheer Bear's rainbow symbol.


Grumpy Bear Wearable Blanket

Oh Good, It's Raining The other Care Bears like sunshine, blue skies, and warm weather - gross! You much prefer it when the forecast calls for gloomy clouds and cold winds.

Bad weather gives you the perfect excuse to be cranky, but it also makes you feel justified in staying in and watching your favorite comfort shows all day long. Product Details Cozy up with this exclusive, officially licensed Grumpy Bear Wearable Throw Blanket for Adults!

The light blue polyester blanket has long, oversized sleeves and is super soft. The front is printed with the Grumpy Bear image of a dark blue raincloud sprinkling pink, heart-shaped raindrops.

A printed blue heart decorates the right side. Grumpy but Happy Are you in a bad mood because the weather is gross and you don't want to go outside?

Throw on this blanket and get comfortable on the couch! Skipping your responsibilities for some well-deserved "me time" might actually make you less grumpy, but don't worry - your secret is safe with us.