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Knockout Beauty Costume | Boxer Halloween Costume Girl

Total Knockout Haven't you heard? Strong is sexy!

But we don't need to tell you that, do we? You spend hours at the gym, working on your form, perfecting your hooks, practicing your uppercuts, and drilling your jabs.

In fact, now that you've found your new sport of boxing, it's practically all you can think about. You spend hours daydreaming about the exhilarating feeling of stepping into the ring before a big fight!

In that case, we bet you can't wait to wear this Women's Knockout Beauty Costume this Halloween, and show everyone that you're the reigning champ, in and out of the ring. We can't blame youthis look is fierce!

It shows off your hard work, strong muscles, and killer moves! Plus, it makes you look smokin'.

So, let those other gals dress as princesses and furry animals, let the party have its pop stars and pirates, because this Halloween needs you to help punch up the volume on fun! Design & Details Every famous boxer needs a signature look, but we don't want you wasting your precious energy designing a cool costume for your big performance.

That time is better spend practicing! That's why our design studio took care of a world-class look for your championship bout.

This four-piece ensemble consists of a red sequin bra top with lacing at the bust, along with coordinated shorts with red sequin flames. To fan your fame even more, we've included these matching red sequin boxing gloves and a blue, satiny, hooded robe to cover you up as you make your way to the stage as the crowd roars!

'Bout Time Now is your moment! Don't let other costumes intimidate youin this look you're certain to best any competition without even having to throw a punch.

You've been looking for a Halloween costume as sharp, sassy, and strong as you areand in this look, you're a total knockout!