Cat Costumes

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Deluxe Black Cat Costume Kit

Rawr! Mom always said, if you're gonna be a cat, be the best darn cat you can be.

And if you're gonna be a black cat..

. well you better make sure you have a black tail!

Naturally, the easiest and best way to become the tip top black cat you've always wanted to be would be by using this deluxe black cat kit to complete your costume look. This furry kit is comprised of a headband, fingerless gloves and a tail.

Luxurious long pile black fur will transform you into a serious kitty that has some serious style. Tall cat ears are attached to a plastic headband, and fingerless gloves have white paw pads.

Just grab a safety pin to attach the tail and you'll be a frisky feline for sure! Use this costume set with a black jumpsuit for an easy costume, or use it to spice up your everyday clothes with a little dark kitty style.

Whether for Halloween, or for dress up fun, we're sure wherever you use this set you're going to feel like showing your claws!

Graftobian Deluxe Cat Face Makeup Kit

Guide to Kitten Livin' Sometimes life as a human gets, well, a little boring. We're not trying to be negative or anything.

It's just that we think it would be fun to try out livingas a different species. Lucky for you, we have a couple tips on how to become a cat whether you'd like to try the feline lifestyle for an afternoon or a lifetime.

First, we'll start with the easy stuff. For instance, when someone opens a door for you, don't just galavant on through.

Take yourtime and hesitate at the threshold. Cat's don't make snap decisions like that!

Second of all, whenever you want someone's attention and they are reading, simply sit on their book until they rub you behind the ears. Most of all, make sure you knock people's water offthe coffee table if it's at all close to the edge.

All these tips might not make you super popular but it will make you more catlike! Product Details Perhaps you've followed all the aboveinstructions or maybe you've decided that you want to keep your friends.

Either way, we bet you're ready to hear about ways that you can look like a cat! It's easy with this kit.

This cat kit has step-by-step instructions along with creme paint, foundation, applicators, and powder to keep it all in place. So whether you'd like to be a house cat or a wild cheetah, you'll have the kit to give your physically feline features!

Cat Pride Maybe you're like a lynx, heading out on a solo Halloween hunt. Top our many felinecostumes off with this makeup kit.

No cheetah is complete without those distinctive tears. Or, perhaps you're heading out with a pride.

Celebrating Halloween with a pack of lions? Sounds like a good time to us!

Either way, be sure to take a good look at yourself before leaving because if there is one virtue that cats never have, it's humility!


Infant / Toddler Mini Meow Cat Costume

Pretty Kitty In a lot of ways, your little one acts like a typical cat. She loves taking naps more than almost anything else (except in the middle of the night, when she prefers to make a lot of noise).

Her drink of choice is always milk. If she eats too much, she might cough up on you (although that's not as gross as a hairball).

Sometimes her nails get a little too long and scratch you. Most importantly, she's really cute - and she knows it.

Product Details When you cross an adorable cat with your sweet little one, you get this Infant/Toddler Mini Meow Cat Costume! The jumpsuit is made of soft black polyester and features metal snaps at the inseam for easy diaper access.

An orange inset spotted with black dots sewn to the tummy and the attached footies are printed with orange cat paw pads. The matching headpiece is embroidered with cat features.

Its fabric ears are lined with polka-dot fabric and separated by an attached purple bow. Cat's Meow Whoever first said that black cats were unlucky clearly haven't meat your little cutie.

Anyone would feel lucky after getting to enjoy the smiles and silliness of a kitty like this one. Besides, the fact that witches tend to prefer black cats as familiars really isn't as sinister as it sounds.

If you got the chance to hang out with a cat this sweet, wouldn't you jump at it? No one will be afraid of this kitty on Halloween, but they'll definitely want to snuggle it!


Miss Kitty Toddler Costume for Girls

Meow. Got a mystery?

Miss Kitty is on the case! Or maybe there's a big time, over-the-top dance performance routine that could use a little fur.

Miss Kitty is on the case! Or maybe it's just Halloween season and it's time for a trick-or-treat adventure?

Miss Kitty is most definitely on the case! That's because your little one is going to become Miss Kitty when you get her this toddler cat costume!

This adorable look is ready for any costume adventure your tot is ready to take on, and if the plans call for adventure, all the better! That kind of action is right up Miss Kitty's alley!

When she has this adorable costume for toddlers, she'll be ready to take on whatever kind of adventure the two of you can dream up. As a dress and a hood combination, this ensemble also includes mitts and bootcovers, not to mention an attached tail!

Everything a cat has, this cute costume has, right down to the plush facial features and cat eyes featured on the hood headpiece! Soft, black fleece material contrasts with pink accents and a pink belly, not to mention a couple of pink bows too!

A tulle skirt overlay adds some fantastic style, and when she pops on the character hood, she'll be the real deal Miss Kitty. Meow!

Complete the look with some facepaint and pink tights (sold separately) and she'll be ready to be on the case. In toddler sizes small and large, equip your little one with this costume, and we're sure she's going to be the best Miss Kitty ever!


Pete the Cat Toddler's Costume | Storybook Character Costume

Four, Big, Colorful, Round, Groovy Buttons Hopefully, your kiddo can keep buttons on their shirt better than Pete the Cat. But either way, your child just LOVES counting and learning with Pete!

And since most toddlers we know tend toread the same book over and over (and over and over) again, incessantly, for months or even years, we're guessing you're pretty into Pete the Cat by now, too! Our favorite thing about Pete is his cool cat demeanor.

Does Pete cry? Goodness no!

Does Pete worry? Goodness no!

When things don't go his way, he keeps walking along, singing his song. Talk about a good life lesson for a toddler, eh?

If your kiddo is obsessed withPete the Cat books, then they will love groovin' through Halloween, birthday parties, or any other dress-up events in this Toddler Pete the Cat Costume. The best part of this adorable look is that when your child is wearing this costume, they'll be inspired to act just like Peteand that's one cool, calm, and collected cat!

Design & Details Our design studio collaborated with Pete's creators to craft this exclusivecostume for your colorful kiddo. It comes with everything your child needs to fully transform into their favorite storybook cat!

A yellow shirt features four fun buttons, while the cozy blue pants also provide a kitty tail. Boot covers turn your kid's sneaks into Pete's red kicks, and while a detailed headpiece and blue mitts conceal your child's human features even more.

Now they'll just need a guitar so they can sing all their favorite tunes! Feline Feels Enjoy watching your little one bop to their own beat in this cool costume.

It's not every daya kid gets to turn into their favorite character, so we'd recommend at least a few (hundred) pictures of the occasion. Does Pete hide his face from the camera?

Goodness no!


Playful Kitty Child Costume

Kitty cats are just about one of the cutest things you could imagine (well, that is unless you are a dog person instead). With their soft, fuzzy fur and wide, sparkling eyes, you could say that they are like our children in that with one look they can get whatever they want.

If they are, in fact, a lot like our own kids, then it makes sense that they would love dressing up as a kitty cat for Halloween, right? After all, when you combine one cute thing with an already adorable one, you have a recipe for ultimate cuteness and maybe even a little sass!

This Child Playful Kitty Costume is perfect for Halloween, a costume party, or dance recital. This kids cat costume comes with everything they need to become an agile kitty this Halloween.

This black jumpsuit fastens with Hook and Loop fastener at the back of the neck for a comfortable fit and it has matching black marabou feather edging at the wrists, ankles, and front neckline for added unique detail. The black stuffed tail fastens to the back of the jumpsuit with Hook and Loop fastener and a velvet-covered headband has sewn-on cat ears and feather tuft.

No one in your neighborhood has every seen a kitty cat quite like this one! Add black shoes and cat makeup to complete the look.

She'll be one cool kitten!