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A Nightmare on Elm Street - Revenge Glove

Put a Finger On It Somethings been bothering you. When you're out for the night, you've been having strange dreams.

You dreamt that you were deep in some steamy boiling room, playing tag with some girl. You were laughing and having a great, sneaky time at first, but then things got dark.


and so real! A couple of days later, another strange dream happened.

That night, you were a puppet master. When you looked down at your puppet, you were shocked to see that it was alive and in pain!

That was a shocker. You woke up in a cold sweat.

You've dreamt about cockroaches and becoming a baby alien trapped in someone's chest and the worst part is, you are still looking forward to falling asleep every night. Maybe you should take a look at your life and try to put a sharp-bladed finger on why these dreams are rocking your brain!

Product Details This high-quality, detailed Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge glove is created by Trick or Treat Studios. Sculpted by Anders Erikson, a well-known replica maker, you'll be able to notice the quality as soon as Freddy's Revenge glove is out of the box.

The Trick or Treat design team used hundreds of photographs from the movie and behind-the-scenes footage to add incredible amounts of detail to make Freddy's glove really come to life. The glove measures out at 14.

5 inches by 4.5 inches wide.

The metallic, riveted armor of the hand is formed out of copper while the blades are made with stainless steel. Made with high-quality leather, the base of the glove will last through the years.

Looking Sharp The world of Freddy Krueger has been keeping us up at night for generations at this point. Keep the dream alive with a replica that deserves a shining spot in your horror collection.

Now, how about another cup of coffee?

A Nightmare on Elm Street Dream - Master Glove

Self-Care Taking time to indulge in luxuries or even simple pleasures is important. Even as a powerhouse of a personality, a dreadful day or long night can feel like a nightmare.

And while finding a way to wake from it can be tricky, youve mastered the art of self-care and know how to shake the weight of whatevers dragging you down with an at-home spa session! With an entire evening of relaxation ahead, you set your couch up as a plush lounger and grab the necessities.

A face mask to keep your skin looking fresh, a cap to tuck your fresh-washed hair in, and your favorite cozy sweater to cuddle in while nestled among your pillows, are musts. But when youre really in need of some pampering, you pick up a unique manicure kit to really boost your killer confidence!

Product Details Capture and maintain a strong presence of mind with this Nightmare on Elm Street Dream Master Glove! This ages 18+ accessory is the mean manicure every scary self-care moment needs.

The glove itself is made with luxuriant brown leather. Over the leather fingers, a copper armature adds a distressed shine and sturdy shape.

Finally, 4 stainless steel blades extend from the armature to give this glove a Freddy-approved French tip. Look Sharp Whether youre portraying Freddy Krueger for Halloween or looking for a manicure thats edgier than your last coffin nails, this A Nightmare on Elm Street Dream Master Glove has you covered!

Get your Freddy costume looking sharp, or create a scary chic look all your own with the officially licensed costume prop!

Adult Astronaut Orange Gloves

GIVE A HIGH-FIVE TO THE MOON You're going to space? Wow, that's awesome, good for you bro!

It's going to be a vacation you'll always remember. You're going to glide past shooting stars and hang a right at the Milky Way before floating past Pluto and finally landing at your final destination, the moon.

Please tell us whether or not it's made from cheese, oh and if it is made from cheese, bring us back a piece. We love cheese.


and the moon too! Before blasting off into the solar system, make sure you have everything you need.

Spacesuit? Check.

Plenty of dehydrated ice cream? Check.

Helmet? Check.


. wait a minute, you don't have gloves!

? Don't you dare board a rocket ship and zoom into outer space before getting a quality pair of gloves!

These adult orange astronaut gloves are a necessity for your trip. Wear them while scooping up souvenir moon cheese for us!

PRODUCT DETAILS These are the only gloves you'll ever need for space! The Made by Us accessory is high-quality and made from durable fabric.

The orangegloves have black palms and elastic at the wrist so they stay up. GET YOUR HANDS ON 'EM And don't forget to pick up an astronautsuit too!


Adult Black Superhero Gloves

All of the coolest superheroes always have the best outfits and accessories for kicking bad guy butt. So why wouldn't you have the coolest gear you can get your hands on?

Well, maybe we should say 'get your hands in'. Check out these awesome Adult Superhero Gloves!

Slip these black beauties around your hands and you'll look ready to do some serious free running across a cityscape. Don't be surprised if sudden urges to do the impossible start to arise.

It's completely natural when your hands look this good. Add these gloves to any hero costume you've planned out for this Halloween and you'll give it an instant upgrade.

When you're out there saving the day, if Superman or Ironman happen to ask you where you got these heroic gloves from be sure to tell them to mind their own bee's wax. We're here to help you, not aliens and billionaire playboys .


Adult Black Webbed Gloves

You might be thinking to yourself, What kind of advantages might I have in life if I were to have webbed hands. You weren't thinking that?

Well, let us tell you anyways! Here are just some of the many advantages of having webbed hands.

You can try to disguise yourself as a duck, to fit in with the duck community. You can pretend to be a superhero with duck-themed powers.

You regale people with stories of your enhanced swimming abilities (like a duck). Also, webbed hands are great for other duck-related activities.

But how can one get webbed hands?These Adult Black Webbed Gloves let your otherwise ordinary-looking hands look like an amazing pair of webbed hands!

They're made of spandex material, so they have a tight, form fit for duck enthusiasts, or web enthusiasts. It goes great with many different costumes, or just as an item to wear while you feed ducks at the park.


Adult Blue Monster Hands

What would it be like to have fur instead of skin? We don't know about you, but we can't wait to find out!

Let's face it: having skin is not that fun. Sure, we need it so that our organs stay intact but we think it would be way cooler to be covered in fur instead.

First of all, skins sweats a lot and sweat is gross. If we had fur-covered bodies we wouldn't be that sweaty, so therefore we wouldn't be that smelly!

Also, there wouldn't be a need to wear a winter coat because we'd never be cold! Yup, having fur sounds pretty awesome to us.

These blue monster hands, made for adults, will give you an idea of what it's like to have fur. You can use them to complete your fuzzy blue monster costume or you can just wear them around to get a sense of what it would be like to have hands covered in hair.

Either way, they make for a "ferocious" conversation piece!