Costume Weapons

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11'' Silver Foam Claw

Have you ever wished that you had steel claws that could shoot from your hands? You wouldn't want them to be out all the time.

You'd never be allowed to attend children's parties, the bouncy house and the balloons would be in too much danger. Boarding airplanes would be an absolute no-no as would water beds and volleyball.

If the claws were optional, only shooting out once in a while when you needed them, it would be pretty perfect. Your mom would love them, recruiting you to chop onions for Sunday dinners would make dinner a snap.

You could use them to shred important documents or trim your hedges. If need be you could even defend yourself just in case someone is after you for your sweet steel claws.

Now, we don't know exactly how they'll work. Do your knuckles get rusty if you put your claws away wet?

Do the knives show up in an airport security scanner? So before you go and get yourself implanted, why don't you try out these foam claws.

You'll get the hang of what they feel and look like before you go and make a big commitment.

60 Inch Spartan Costume Spear

Real battle is some serious business. Pretend battle is even more serious business.

You dont know what will happen when you go LARPing. That really buff Russian guy might show up again with his Damascus sword.

Just come on man! That thing is 1.

too heavy to swing around, and 2. its not safe to be swinging around.

But youll show that show off with this Spartan 60 Inch Spear. You wont have to worry if you can lift this spear in front of your fellow LARPers.

And you wont have to worry about accidently stabbing someone, because it is a fake spear. Just make sure you practice swinging it around behind your back, and doing those flippy tricks so you can look like a kick butt warrior when you see that bulky Russian coming to the field.

LARP safe friend, LARP safe.

Adult Wood Look Plastic Baseball Bat

So, you've decided to be a top-notch slugger for your next costume party and you need a baseball bat accessory to go with your costume. Have you checked out a sporting goods store lately?

A real baseball bat costs a small fortune these days and most of them are made out of some kind of high-grade synthetic material with crazy graphics on them. That's not the kid of investment that you want to make when you're just trying to make your pro baseball player look work.

The good news is, we've come up with the perfect solution for this little dilemma.This plastic baseball bat accessory is a toy bat that looks just like the kind that Babe Ruth might have swung around back in the day.

The bat has a real wood look, but is lightweight, so you won't have to lug around a big old heavy bat around all night if you're planning on dressing up like one of baseball's greats.

Ahsoka Tano Star Wars Lightsaber Forge Extendable Accessory

The Student Becomes the Master Once upon a time, she was a nearly-kidnapped casualty, but after being raised in the Jedi Temple, being trained by Anakin Skywalker, and striking out on her own, this Togruta warrior has joined the ranks of legend. It doesn't hurt that she's one of the only famous Star Wars characters to make fighting with two lightsabers look really awesome.

We couldn't do that. We'd lose a limb for sure.

Product Details Start with one of these officially licensed Star Wars Lightsaber Forge Asoka Tano Extendable Accessories and then work your way up to two once your apprenticeship is over! The plastic lightsaber has four separate pieces including the handle, the hilt, and the retractable blade, which snap together to form the full-size accessory.

Press the button to make the blade light up and to hear battle sounds! Padawan Turned Protector Defeat the Dark Side's forces and make the galaxy a safer place!

All the heroes who come after you will appreciate the ground you laid.


Apex Legends Raven's Bite Toy Weapon

Outlander The many skills that Bloodhound uses are key in every match. From the eye of the Allfather to the Beast of the Hunt power, they are integral to the strategy in every fight.

But, in addition to those skills as a tracker and woodsman, Bloodhound also relies on certain tools to get the job done, primitive as they may be. One of the oldest tools that survive from pre-history is the axe.

The first axes were little more than rocks with a slight edge, either held with a hand or attached to a stick for additional power. These eventually developed into the axes of today, from hatchets to mauls and tools of warfare.

Now the development of the axe has reached its final form! Honor Those Who Have Risen This Apex Legends Ravens Bite Weapon is a replica of the Bloodhounds Axe from the game.

This molded plastic weapon is a little over a foot long, which makes it a powerful and elegant tool in the right hands. The raven beak and feathers are a perfect match for the weapon found in game.

Trust in nature, the Allfather, and your own instincts, sure, but also trust in this mighty axe!

Avatar Na'Vi Costume Weapon

The Invaders Are Coming Who knows why those strange humans thought it was ok to try to chase off an indiginous people and try to mine their moon for materials. What they don't realize is that the original owners are prepared to fight, and have resources beyond anything their foes could imagine.

Product Details Protect your people and the Hometree with this officially licensed Avatar Na'Vi Costume Weapon Accessory! The realistic-looking prop has a curved black blade.

The handle is encased in molded plastic designed to look like carved bone. It's a good thing to have on hand in the wild areas of Pandora (of which there are plenty)!

Which Side? Will you betray your new family or will you defend the Na'Vi?

This knife will look especially cool in the hands of a hero, so let that be part of your decision when you go up against the Resources Development Administration.