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1970's Disco Women's Costume

Youve been doing the same 80s-themed party every year for as long as anyone can remember. Even your friends have started to tease you, telling you that you have to choose a new decade.

Well, you know what, we think its time to surprise them at your yearly shindig by doing just that. We know, we know, itll be hard to ditch the side ponytail for a, dare we say, groovier style, but its time to swap last years mixtapes for some classic tunes on the record player.

But trust us, the 70s have some great things going for them, too, things on par with your beloved off-the-shoulder sweatshirts, scrunchies, and pastel leotards. Once your friends get over their shock at going even further back in time than they were expecting, this Womens 1970s Disco Costume will be a surefire hit.

With bold patterns and flares that only the 70s could make popular, this costume is ideal to bring back the best aspects of the biggest party decade this side of the Roaring 20s. Now the only thing you have to do is learn some disco moves to fully complete your look.

But were sure youll be fierce once you re-watch a couple of old Travolta movies and get yourself into some high platform shoes. Once you take on this look and wholly embrace the disco scene, youre friends will be begging you to throw another 70s party.


and thus a new tradition is born. Youre welcome.


60s Gogo Mod Women's Wig-Blonde

WARNING: TIME TRAVEL HAIR DON'TS Recent explorations into time travel have revealedastounding discoveries. Now, we've known for years that traveling into the past is generally only capable in an observational way.

(That's fortunate because humans can bevery clumsy.) However, the temporal distortions have had a truly unexpected result on our hair!

It always ends up frizzed up and often a completely different color. We show up and folks are immediately aware that we do not belong there.

Due to this disastrouseffect of time hopping, we had nearly given up our hopes of reliving the Disco Days..

. Fortunately, we realized thatsynthetic hair is somehow spared from the trauma!

DESIGN & DETAILS Thanks to our wizards of temporal designers, we can offer you this exclusive '60s Wig styled after the blondest of Mod Disco Queens. This look as side-swept bangs, natural curls that fall to your bust, and a big bump for an authentic 1960's look.

Best yet, the high-quality construction of this wig will protect your'do from time paradoxand normal wear and tear! DANCING FOR DECADES Thanks to the lasting construction of this 1960's Mod Wig, you'll be able to jump back to the Disco Age and keep dancing well into the modern era twice over.


and all without having to stop to style your curls!


Dazzling Silver Disco Costume for Women

Where are you going to be when the DJ plays some of those funky bass grooves and energetic disco beats? Will you be standing on the sidelines twiddling your thumbs, or will you seize the opportunity to shake your groove thing?

Will you be a disco dud, or will you proudly proclaim yourself queen of the dance floor, erupting into flow of booty-shaking moves that will leave the crowd in awe of your amazing dance technique. The second option.

Definitely. You've already got the attitude and the dance moves to take that title of Disco Dance Diva Queen, but if you want to claim it with unprecedented style and savoir faire, then you're going to need the kind of outfit that shines just as much as you do.

That's something we can help you with.Our costume experts toiled, night and day while listening to a nonstop playlist with plenty of songs by Diana Ross, Chic and the BeeGees.

Then, inspiration struck! Sparkles and rhinestones!

That was the key to creating the greatest disco costume to ever grace this Earth. Once they realized that, making this Dazzling Silver Disco costume for women was a cinch.

This shimmering disco costume comes complete with all the pieces you need to dazzle the competition. The jumpsuit has silver rhinestone stripes to create a bright style that shines on the dance floor.

The shawl has faux fur accents and plenty of matching silver rhinestones to accent the jumpsuit. The final piece to the costume is the headband, which also shimmers and shines on the disco dance floor.

Once you have it on, it's time to claim your title as Disco Queen. Now, excuse us as we get back to listening to some Diana Ross!


Disco Mama Wig

Every decade has its memorable style. Some are fantastic and leave us wishing to bring those eras back.

Others not so much. The bright rainbow legwarmers of the 80s might be a thing we can let go.

But, despite the fact that Disco may have seen its dying days, the style of the 70s is simply too luscious to let go. Theres no question that a style like yours could not only bring back the Groovy 70s but also make it stay.

With this wave and curly, feather cut Disco Mama wig, you bring Disco back! The sparkling lights, the night clubs, the music, the dance.

The Farrah Fawcett hair! Bring the 70s out of the attic and prove that Donna Summer was right: Disco will survive all night and so will your amazing blonde locks!


Foxy Lady Disco Costume for Women

Anyone who's ever stepped out on a neon dance floor, with the lights of the disco ball sparkling in their eyes, probably knows what it's like to boogie til you just can't boogie any more. But, do they know how to dress while they're at it?

Slip into this far-out Foxy Lady Disco Costume, and you'll look ready for the ultimate dance party! We totally know that feeling of disco music taking us over, resulting in a vicious case of Saturday-night fever.

It doesn't matter if we're at the mall, or in an elevator, or in the middle of an important meeting. Once we hear the high speed thumping beats of a funky disco tune, dancing has to happen, no questions asked!

That's got to be the grooviest part about dressing up like a foxy disco chick. Whether you're at a Halloween party, a funky 70's themed get-together, or you're in the mood to do the Hustle just because you can, anybody would be crazy to get in the way of your slick, stylish dance moves!

This wild costume has all the glitz and glamour of disco in one wicked outfit. The matching top and pants feature glittery sequined swirl patterns, with flared out sleeves and legs for extra pizzazz.

It also comes with a matching head scarf, which you can tie around your killer 70's hairstyle (we've always been a fan of feathering, but that's up to you), or a vintage style wig. It's the perfect way to boogie til you can't anymore, although we always recommend saving some for later!


Funky Disco Men's Costume

Ever since the '70s, something has been missing from society. Sure, we have fancy smartphones.

We have the internet. We even have delicious coffee shops on every street corner that serve us vanilla almond espressos.

But where's the funk? Funk has been on a slow decline since the '70s.

Whomping earthy bass grooves and booty bumping drum beats have been dying out, little by little and we suspect it's because no one has the courage to take the crown and claim the title of Emperor of Funk (that's a formal title). It's a high responsibility title, since you'll need to bust a move whenever you hear a groovy slap bass tune and you'll even be expected to dress in the most dazzling of outfits.

If you think that you're up to the task, we may just have the style of funky disco attire to get your groove in gear. This Funky Disco Costume fuses everything that was great about the '70s into one awesome costume.

The shiny blue button up shirt allows you to wear a deep v-neck, and everyone knows that funk flourishes best when a portion of your manly chest is exposed. The dazzling silver pants shimmer in a blaze of glory anytime you dance under a disco ball, perfect for lighting the way for other funky friends.

A red sequin stripe along the pant legs let all dancers on the floor know that you're the real deal. And the red suspenders?

Well, those are just for keeping your pants up, but hey, they get the job done. If we had to rate this costume, we'd give it an Earth, Wind & Fire out of 10.

We're not sure what that means (but we know that we mean it).