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Animatronic Edition Star Wars L0-LA59 Lola Droid

La-La-La-La-La LOLA Whether you love building up your Star Wars collection or you plan to go as a young Princess Leia for Halloween, we have just the thing for you. Check out this Star Wars L0-LA59 Animatronic Edition Lola Droid.

Like all the droid units before Lola, this lively flying saucer proved to be very helpful to her owner. Lola kept Leia out of trouble with the Imperial Inquisitors and helped Leia and Obi-Wan get home safely.

Now, it's your turn to enjoy the company of this pleasant little droid. At home, you can place Lola on the included display stand.

While you're out and about this Halloween, simply carry this lovable robot along with you. Lola will provide plenty of entertainment thanks to over 45 light, sound, and movement combinations that she is capable of performing!

Although she may be small, she is very talented and quite talkative. Sort of like a young princess we know.


The Product Details This collectible Star Wars accessory is designed with all of the details you know and love from the Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ series. With all the bells and whistles, this toy truly brings the fictional droid unit to life.

All you will need are 4 batteries and you can watch little Lola come to life right before your eyes!

Buddy Christ Figurine

Good Buddy Religious beliefs aside, Dogma's Cardinal Glick might have had an okay idea with Buddy Christ. After all, when you're looking for someone to confide in, it helps if they have a more approachable appearance.

While crucifixes carry emotional significance and inspire plenty of awe in believers, it's hard to deny how graphic some can look. Just look at Buddy Christ, though!

He's ready to chat, cheer your good life decisions on, and pose for the most iconic selfies! Product Details Whether you're looking for a friendly face to turn to or just need a prop to perfect your Jay and Silent Bob Halloween costume, this Buddy Christ Figurine is here to lift you up!

The plastic figure features intricate detailing, down to the twinkle in its eye, that really brings the 1999 character back to life. Standing a mere 4.

75-inches tall, it's an easy carry while enjoying a Halloween masquerade and an excellent piece for dashboard display!

Chucky Scarred 15 Talking Good Guy Doll

BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED We're going to make a bold statement right now: Chucky is horror'sultimate underdog. Despite a successful 30 year reign, killing everyone from babysitters to cadets in training, the possessed doll is the dark horse of the scary movie community.

Lacking in stature and unique killing methods, Chucky makes up for his shortcomings (haget it?) with witty one-liners and the art of surprise.

You may think you're driving home from a regular day at work in your trusty 4 door sedan whenBAM, Chucky launches himself from the back seat and holds a knife to your throat. What a guy!

He's so passionate about what he does. If you like rooting for the horror movie underdog too, then support the Good Guy Doll witha fervor formurder by purchasing Chucky in his best form, all scarred up and clutching a sharp.

Although we urge you to be very careful around this Chucky doll we can't guaranteehe won't spring to life to do what he does best! PRODUCT DETAILS The officially licensed 15-inch doll is poseable with 11 points of articulation.

When squeezed, the doll speaks 7 popular movie phrases. Covered in stitches and scars, the Chucky doll is holding a plastic knife, ready to snatch a soul.

MANIACAL MINI-ME Do you really want to be as creepy as possible? Match your new doll by wearing a Chucky costume.

Prepare for screams to ensue.


Halloween Slow Rising 8 Piece Squishy Figures

Spooky Squish Like any time of the year, Halloween can have its stressful moments. It could be when seventeen extra uninvited guests show up to your vampire-themed party, or when you realize that the moaning noises you've been hearing in your vents aren't from your "Haunted Corn Maze" playlist: Your house is actually haunted by a vengeful spirit.

Whatever the circumstance, this set of 8 slow-rising squishy figures will help you relieve some of the pressure. Squeeze any of the cartoon-like Halloween figures and watch them slowly regain their shapes!


Hug-Me Vibrating Plush Chucky

The Spirit of Rage We've always wondered what kind of magic actually animates that Good Guys doll that Charles Lee Ray inhabits. Sure, we know that there is a magical incantation and occasionally a mystical amulet.

Soul transfer and all of that good stuff, too. But, is a soul enough to animate a whole doll?

That seems a bit far-fetched. There must be something more to it!

That's when our investigation brought us to several unexpected finds! It turns out that there were a whole host of cuddly, cute Chuckies that didn't quite cut it for slasher savagery.

Product Description Now you can be part of Chucky's legacy in amuch safer way than most! Bring home this officially licensed Hug-Me Chucky Vibrating Plush doll and be a part of horror movie magic.

This version of Chucky is made of soft fabric and plushy stuffing, making him more huggable than horrible. Perform your own bit of voodoo with the battery pack and Chucky will shake and stir whenever you clap or give him a hug.

A Cuddly Ex-Killer Through countless tests, we've confirmed that this snuggly Chucky is completely harmless. Whatever malice seems to have transferred to the next Chucky movie, leaving this vibrating maniac behind instead.

Show your horror movie love with this unexpectedly cute Chucky doll.


Interactive Electronic Star Wars L0-LA59 Lola Droid

Lola-cabana! Her name was Lola She was a cool droid.

With red and silver metal flair she goes flyin' everywhere! She is a great friend and she can fix things El-Oh El-Ay Fifty-Nine as a Droid she's pretty fine!

Across the galaxy, as Leia and Obi were always trying to get free She goes Boop-Beep-Beep! She is Lola!

Lola, we love ya! .


Alright, so we're hardly the epic songwriters ofStar Wars fame, but that doesn't mean we don't recognize when a droid deserves an epic song written in her name. We'll keep working on the lyrics there, but in the meantime, you can show Lola some love with thisStar Wars L0-LA59 Interactive Electronic Lola Droid.

Product Details This collectible electronic droid is one partStar Wars memorability and one part toy that will bring a smile to your heart. At 5 inches tall, this delightful light-up and sound-effect wonder will feel like you've got the real thing in your hands!

The panels and face can be opened and twisted to create a variety of poses, all while enjoying the illuminating purple and blue glow as she trills and beeps while you play. (Er.


while yourkids play, that is. Obviously, this is for a little Leia or Luke.

Not a grown-up Obi-Wan..

. but we won't tell anyone if you beep along to a Lola-themed song like we are!