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DND The Mindflayer Mask

In Your Head Depending on who you've been hanging with, you might have heard a thing or two about the malevolent Mindflayer. We certainly hope you don't have to run into this psychic monstrosity at any point, but it may help to get some background intel on the creature.

Whether dwelling in the Underdark or the Upside-Down, the Mindflayer is a hive-mind creature that can really get your tentacles in a twist! First off.

No, a tin-foil hat won't help you. These slippery villains can read your mind no matter what!

A solid mind blank isn't a bad idea if you can do some fast-paced meditation and clear your noggin and enter zombie-brain mode. On the other hand, focusing hard on something sure to annoy might give the 'Flayer a sour (or sweet) taste, and it just might leave you alone.

We recommend going for the ultimate earworm song! Product Details Whether you've managed to defeat your foe or join their ranks, this Dungeons and Dragons Mindflayer Mask is about to be your prize.

This latex mask slips over your head thanks to a slit in the back and provides limited visibility through the sunken eyes. The flexible face tentacles give just the right amount of wiggle to make anyone who sees you shake, so be sure you take it easy on anyone who shrieks on sight!


Dungeons & Dragons Sculpted Ceramic Decorative Cookie Jar

A Dire Decoration Generally, when you're exploring the Caverns of Chaos, you know that if you see an unusual container, you should probably leave it alone. It could be a mimic, just laying in wait.

It's probably trapped with all sorts of scary wards that will have you running back to the cleric for help. But you're an adventurer!

Who doesn't want to brave a little risk for what could be a true reward? So, it's time.

Open up the strangely sculpted jar and see exactly how the cookie crumbles. Oh.

Well, look at that. They're actual cookies.

It seems that this dungeon designer wants their adventuring heroes to enjoy a little snack before they head into the boss's chamber. (Unless the cookies are mimics, too!

?) Product Details Whether you want to treat your players to a delightful treat at the game table or show off a bit of signature style when you are decorating your den, you can't go wrong with thisDungeons & Dragons Sculpted Ceramic Treat Jar.

The dolomite material keeps it in sturdy shape while the hand-painted exterior gives it a castle-like finish. The top has a silicone seal to keep your treats secure as well as a big d20 as a handle.

(Of course, if you really want to go to creepy lengths, those spider cookies are a perfect way to get your guests to work for their reward!)


Dungeons and Dragons The Beholder Mask

Beauty Legends tell of a true treasure that is hidden deep within the Crypt of Culled Conquerors. Brave folks of all walks of life have attempted to unearth the mysterious rewards, only to come face-to-face with a creature of unknowable fierceness: the Beholder.

Many have written about its unusual powers, from its strange mode of flight to the dozens of crippling magical effects it can cast simply by looking at its victim with one of its many eyestalks. But who could have ever realized that the treasure of the dungeon was notguarded by the Beholder.


but was the creature itself!?

All know that beauty dwells within the eye of the beholder..

. but what happens when they have so many eyes!

? Product Details It is time to bring this Beauty home.

You can do that safely by ordering this Dungeons and Dragons Beholder Mask! This adorably horrific latex mask covers the whole of your head and gives you the look of one of the most notorious creatures from tabletop history.

A slit in the back allows for easy wearing and disguised slits along the central eye allow for limited visibility while wearing this D&D costume mask. Couple it with a black cloak for a truly creepy costume.

Best yet, when not in use, it will make for an awesome decoration for your gaming den!