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10 Inch Black Cat with Metal Legs Standing on Halloween Pumpkin Decoration

Let This Cat Lead the Way Every home needs a greeter, and this 10" Resin Black Cat with Metal Legs Standing on a Pumpkin fits the bill. He's dressed in a dandy collar and sweater, with a hint of a bell hanging down the front.

His long metal legs stretch to shapely shoes that are set atop a Jack-o-lantern. The rest of the cat is made from resin, which gives him enough heft to hold down tablescapes and other lightweight decor pieces.

He'll guide your guests to where they need to be and make them feel charmed and at home.

10 Inch Whitewashed Pumpkin Arrow Figure Sign

Pretty Pumpkin Decorating for Halloween is a blast. But sometimes seeing black and orange over and over again can get a little maddening.

If you want to switch up your interior design this Halloween season, you should check out our10 Inch Whitewashed Pumpkin Arrow Figure. It's perfect for those Halloween lovers who need a splash of white to liven things up.

Pick up this pumpkin today and show off your good taste!

10 Santa Stop Here LED Arrow Sign

Sleigh Bells Ring Santa has a lot to do during December, from checking his list twice to making sure the sleigh is loaded with the appropriate amount of presents. Make his job easier by letting him know that you've been good this year!

This 10 Inch LED Santa Stop Here Arrow Sign is a festive way to make sure that jolly old St. Nicholas slides down your chimney on Christmas Eve.

The wooden light-up sign is attached to two chains so that you can hang it from your arrow mount.


11 Inch LED Matte Black Halloween Skull Bottle Prop

Please Turn Your Attention to the Sommelier "Thank you, Jacques. Here you have before you a very special vintage.

Its grapes were harvested at midnight on All Hallows Eve under a full moon, just after a witch cursed the vineyard. It has been fermenting since last holiday and frequently has been known to glow eerily in the dead of night.

Anyway, who wants to try a glass?" Product Details Have the rarest bottle around when you display this 11 Inch Matte Black Halloween LED Skull Bottle!

The glass bottle is corked and contains an LED light which can be turned on and off via a switch. The black surface is etched with the image of a grinning skull.

This vinowill be a striking addition to your spooky decor!


11 Matte White LED Skull Bottle Prop

Yo Ho Ho..

. Storage solutions for spells, potions, poisons, or pirate drinks can be a little boring, and it can be really difficult to read the labels (you do label your potions, right?

) Brighten up the shelves and add some sparkle to your collection with this 11" Matte White Halloween LED Skull Halloween Bottle. It's made of glass, which gives it a classy, classic edge.

An LED light shines through the etched skull image, emitting a subtle glow with the flip of a switch. Bring it out during spooky season or let it shine some light on your bottle collection year-round.


11 Resin Turkey Arrow Figure Sign

Gobble Gobble! This bird had a smart idea.

Instead of waiting around to be eaten on Thanksgiving, it chose to conceal itself in plain sight. No one would ever try to baste a piece of home decor and fill it with apple and sage stuffing!

The 11 Inch Resin Turkey Arrow Figure has an old-fashioned feel to it and is beautifully painted with antique shades of red, blue, gold, and brown. Attached chains on the tail feathers and the head allow it to be attached to a standard arrow holder.