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3-Piece Ombre Aqua/Grey Long Straight Hair Extensions

The Siren Style Mermaid Hair, it's the ultimate look that many of us have been dreaming about since childhood. Why do these ladies have such lovely locks?

we think we've figured it out. Mermaids spend all their time diving through the cold salty water of the ocean.

The combination of the salt bleaching their hair and all the magical minerals attaching to their underwater locks would create a unique hue for each and every mermaid. No need for hair stylists when you live 20,000 leagues under the sea.

Mother Nature makes sure her mermaids look like the salty sirens we picture while gazing into the ocean surf. Product Details If you're ready to take a dive into the mermaid style, you'll love clipping this three-piece set at the base of your head.

The blue and silver clips stand out with black locks for an almost sea-witchy look. It gives blond hair a subtly submarine air with silver and blue strands that would look right at home on the beach.

It's about time humans gained access to that famous mermaid look! Maritime Mod If you're dressing in one of our many mermaid outfits then you'll love to top it off with this three-pieceset.

It also works well with witchor ghost costumes. You could even break them out with a regular ensemble to give your Fridaynight look extra flair!

It's about time your everyday wardrobe got a nautical twist!

48-Inch Mermaid Skeleton Decoration

That's No Manatee We've all heard the stories of desperate pirates who saw beautiful women swimming out in the depths of the sea. 'Mermaids!

' they'd proclaim, certain of what they'd seen. Of course, nature and science told them that they were simply suffering scurvy and getting their brains scrambled with ocean madness.

So, we imagine that those pirates are probably dancing in their underwater graves to hear that we've actually found a few skeletal remains that suggest they might have been a bit closer to the truth than they thought! Product Details Show the world that the legend of the mermaid is more than meets the eye when you bring home this 4-Foot Mermaid Skeleton Halloween decoration.

This skeletal decor is a molded skeleton designed to look like your everyday human skeleton. It even includes articulating joints at the hands and arms so you can pose it as you like.

But where you'd expect a few legs to dance around on, you'll find several fish bones and one heck of a fin! Nowthat will get those pirate skeletons chattering!


5' Tall Skeleton Mermaid Inflatable Decoration

Sea Spook Most of the time, mermaids have shiny scales and glistening hair, and big eyes. But on Halloween, they undergo a transformation, which makes them adorable yet creepy mixes of skeleton and fish!

It must be due to some kind of ocean magic. Product Details Make a splash with this 5' Skeleton Mermaid Inflatable Decoration!

When fully inflated, the decoration is shaped like a mermaid with outstretched arms, wearing a pointed black witch hat. It's printed wth skeleton graphics, seashells, and even has a waist fin striped with candy corn colors!


Adult Poseidon Costume Accessory Kit

10,000 Leagues Under the Sea Being the god of the sea, you have never had much interest in the affairs of mortals. There is so much ocean to rule that you are never short on things to do or places to go!

From sirens, merfolk, sharks, and krakens, you have your hands full with the creatures of the sea. Not to mention Cyclopes!

But still, there are some things that you think the land dwellers do right. For example, making the perfectly crispy and delicious French fry is nigh impossible when you are so deep in the ocean.

Using ocean vents and sea cucumbers just doesnt create that golden color and crisp texture that you love. Ah well, you cant win them all!

Kinda Fishy Whether you are planning on causing a roiling typhoon or a whirlpool of unimaginable horrors, this Poseidon Costume Kit is the perfect way to show everyone that you mean business. Surfing around with your trident and picking up ships like toys is cool and all, but without your bracers and crown you are just some anonymous god.

Luckily, this golden, finned pair of bracers and nine starred-crown are perfect for you! You will feel like royalty when you ride a shark into the party wearing these!


Adult Sea Foam Mermaid Accessory Kit

Current Cousins There are many different kinds of mermaids. Some are the gorgeous creatures we might find in a picture book.

Others are just a little more mysterious. We suppose, for instance, that you haven't heard of Arctic Ice mermaids.

These lovely creatures reside under the ice shelves of places like Greenland and Antarctica. Like the seals that live in that area, these are a pale white so they can hide from Polar Bears and sneak up on their prey.

Their seafoam blue close cousin resides in the icy fjords of Norway and their forest green relatives swim in the deep waters of northern lakes. When it comes to representing the earth's mermaid population, apparel options are close to endless.

All you need to do is choose a color scheme that suits yourfancy and dive in! Product Details Any mermaid costume will level up with this lovely seafoam kit.

The headband has ruffles of sea foam on a soft surface. It's paired with sheer, long gloves with sparkles along a subtle pattern.

Changing Channels It's time folks gave mermaids their due. These mythical creatures are more than the demure little redhead we were all familiar with as kiddos.

They're mysterious, tough, and just a little bit dangerous. Go ahead and get creative with scale print makeup, a wild wig, and plenty of sparkles.

It's time to dive deep.


Adult Sweet Mermaid Costume

Zeus thinks he's all that, but what's he got, really?!

Thunder? Lightening?

Big deal! Sure, he gets to wreak a little havoc by making the skies open up, but he also has to deal with all the whiny mortals and their mundane problems.

Plus, he's got Prometheus running around and stealing fire well before he was ready to share with anyone. What's up with that?

! Seriously -- being the supreme ruler of Olympia is not all that it's cracked up to be.

Now, Poseidon ..

. Poseidon drew a great lot!

Not only does he have a way better name, but he gets to rule the seas and carry a trident. None of those sea creatures every complain about anything.

You never hear of a squid going on and on about the color of his ink. Plus, there's the whole mermaid thing.

Mermaids are legendary hotties with a naughty streak. Half female, half fish, and all sorts of fun.

If you are in the mood to hang with Poseidon and lure a few ships to their doom, try this dress on for size. The glittery, organza skirt has a scale pattern that is sure to attract boatloads of unsuspecting sailors while the sheer, nude top features a sequined pink bra perfect for when you get tired of swimming around in the ocean and want to sun to yourself on a rock.