Mrs Claus Costumes

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Girl Mrs. Claus Costume

While it's true that Christmas only comes once a year, doesn't it seem to happen earlier and last longer every time? A hot shot holiday expert is needed to get everything ready in time.

Your little girl can be the one running the show and spreading festive cheer in our exclusive Mrs. Claus Costume!

Santa may get all the glory, but he wouldn't be nearly as good at what he does if Mrs. Claus weren't there to do hold down the fort whenever he's away.

She has a ton of other jobs too, like managing the helper elves' schedules, putting out new holiday marketing campaigns, and making sure every elf's health care and retirement benefits are up to date. Keeping the North Pole stocked with freshly baked cookies is no easy task, either, but Mrs.

Claus does it with a big smile! Your holiday helper won't have any trouble getting everything ready for the holiday season in this bright and cheerful costume!

We've adapted the classic Santa suit-style into a festive dress, which zips up in the back and features buttons and a big metal buckled belt in front. The dress also features soft faux fur trim, and matches the included Santa hat.

There is also a set of furry boot cuffs included, to add some Christmas flair to her everyday boots or shoes. This costume will turn your little one into the perfect holiday party planner, and let her celebrate the Christmas season no matter how long the festivities go on!


Plus Size Mrs Claus Costume - Women's Christmas Costumes

Everybody knows that behind every great man, there is a great woman. Even behind the beloved Santa Clause, there stands the gracious and beautiful Mrs.

Clause! Now you can be a picturesque portrayal of this wonderful woman for Halloween, during the Christmas season, or just any day you feel a rush of holiday cheer.

Toss on this lovely floor-length red dress, tie up your apron, and top this outfit off with the included matching mop cap, and youll look just like ole Saint Nicks number one gal! Hopefully, youve perfected your gingerbread man cookie recipe because everybody knows Mrs.

Clause makes the BEST gingerbread man cookies. So, no pressure.

Have a friend or your significant other dress up as Santa and the two of you can prance around as the jolliest couple this side of the North Pole. We just know that you two will have oodles of fun while putting smiles on children all around your neighborhood!

All you need to complete this classic Christmas look is a few accessories. Grab a white wig to give yourself an enchanting elderly look and maybe even toss on a pair of wire framed glasses.

Youll look as if you walked right off the pages of a Christmas storybook! Grab this Mrs.

Clause Costume and look through our Christmas themed accessories to prepare for the merriest Christmas season you've ever celebrated. This transformation will put a smile on your face and the face of every child you meet!


Women's Deluxe Mrs Claus Costume | Christmas Costume

Who reads the notes from girls and boys? Turns in the order for their toys?

Fills every heart with wondrous joys? You might not know this Nat King Cole song called Mrs.

Santa Claus. But you can see how Mrs.

Claus might really be the one who reads the letters from all those good little boys, and girls. She is the one who makes sure that the right presents go t the right kids, and that they are properly wrapped.

You love everything about Christmas. You love the lights, the smell of freshly baked cookies, and the smiles on the faces of people passing by.

Heck, you even love the snow. The way it falls down glinting in the light from the moon, and stars.

But most of all you love Santa Claus, and you love Mrs. Claus for giving happiness, and hope to all those little boys, and girls.

(And if we are to be honest, adults like us too!) Now, you can become one of the people who makes the world a little bit brighter.

You can put on this Deluxe Mrs. Claus Costume, and make sure all the good little boys, and girls you know get what they asked for from Santa Claus.

Sure, you love Santa, but he can't do everything that needs to be done to make Christmas the magical time of year that it is. When you wear this red velvet, and white faux fur dress you will embody Nat King Cole's Mrs.

Santa Claus song. You will fill every heart with wondrous joys.