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Rio Jewel Kid's Costume

Most of spend a good chunk of our days dreaming about a vacation in a bright and colorful place, warm and exotic, something quite unlike anything of which were already accustomed. Perhaps we envision a cruise in the Bahamans or laying on the beach of a Land Down Under.

But, if it is a place of brilliant color and exotic creatures that you seek, there are few places other than the vivid rainforests and exciting city of Rio de Janeiro that would better resolve your needs. That is especially true if you are an import living in the midst of the Midwest, a place of comfort except for its frigid winters.

And that is precisely the case for a down home macaw from small-town Minnesota, Blu. When things go lets just say a bit awry, hes found himself in the very different world from where he might have once originated but certainly never seen.

In such a case, it is crucial that you have a guide that knows the place! Fortunately, hes got a good friend in Jewel, an independent, lovely, and just-as-rare blue macaw!

And, even better, you can know her pretty well, too, when you garb your little tyke in this officially licensed Child Rio Jewel costume. Bring the fun of the movie to life with this multi-layered blue dress with vivid wing-shaped sleeves and feather shaped drapes.

The headpiece is sculpted to give the look of the regal macaw and adorable shoe covers help to look like youve got a pair of talons, too! Pick up a couple extra sizes and you can relive the second movie with the whole family!


Toddler Rio Blu Costume

There's one important thing you should know about this costume: Rio is not the name of this bird. Yes, we know that's confusing.

No, Rio refers to Rio de Janeiro, where the movie is set. The bird's name is actually Blu, which is easy to remember because he himself is blue.

But not a bluebird. Yes, that's a confusing point too.

No, Blu is a Spix's Macaw. A blue bird but not a bluebird.

Do you really need to know all this for your child to enjoy cawing around the living room flapping wings with a fervor that only toddlers possess? No, probably not.

Then again, it certainly couldn't hurt to put a little general trivia in that noggin of yours. You never know if the next time you play Trivial Pursuit and a card reads "what type of bird is featured in Rio?

" At first you'll be thinking "Oh, I know, Rio is the type of bird because Rio is the name of the bird in the movie." but we've established that's wrong (you're welcome!

). So you keep thinking "hang on, my child is always running around in that bird costume, and I remember reading the description about it and I can clearly remember the bird is a Spix's Macaw!

" You blurt it out. Your team is shocked and impressed.

Enjoy that Trivial Pursuit pie piece, friend. You've certainly earned it.

More importantly, your young one is going to be flapping with excitement over their most favorite bird outfit and will probably be telling you more about the Spix's Macaw than even we know, along with every other bird that shows up in the movie, because that's just how kids get when it comes to things they love. They want to know everything they can.

Give them a leg up..

. er, wing up, with this!