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Billy Adult Saw Costume

Saw You Were Peeking Look, there's a reason that Saw has an entire horror movie franchise. Look at this guy!

The mechanical puppet idea is creepy enough on its own; things that move by themselves are always suspicious. But Billy the puppet also has a horrifying mask to go along with his dapper suit!

All of these details together make Billy a very memorable horror movie figure. He may not be the one causing all the trouble, but he is the mouthpiece of Jigsaw, the mastermind behind the torture.

You'll send shivers down people's spines when you wear this Saw Billy Adult Costume! Product Details This costume is an all in one deal.

No need to go looking for the perfect tie or wig for this look. Ventriloquism is not included; you'll have to develop that on your own!

We're kidding--the mask covers your mouth, so the horror is not interrupted by your mouth moving. The mask and wig are one piece, with the hair covering the elastic band that secures it.

The jacket comes with the shirt front attached, complete with bowtie and pocket handkerchief. It actually closes on the back, so no dealing with buttons.

Pull on the elastic waist pants and white gloves, and your look is nearly complete! Simply provide a pair of your own black shoes.

Ready to Play a Game? Billy and his puppeteer Jigsaw are always ready for another dastardly game.

We don't recommend any of HIS games, but a card or board game could lead to some classic quotes! Otherwise, simply enjoy creeping everybody out at this year's Halloween party.

Whether you've watched every Saw movie or only seen one or two, this iconic puppet is the perfect look for any horror movie fan. It's not game over yet.

Let's play!

Billy Saw Ornament

I Want To Play A Game Halloween is coming and some of us are getting a bit too old to go out trick-or-treating. How then are we supposed to celebrate this amazing holiday?

Well, aside from costume parties, pub crawls, costume contests, haunted houses, and scary movie marathons, theres not much to do. UNTIL NOW!

Why not enjoy a spooky gift exchange with your friends and family? After all, Christmas isnt the only holiday that youre allowed to give gifts on.

If youre having a hard time thinking of a Halloween gift, think no longer. This Saw Billy Ornament is exactly what you need.

Giveit to thatSawfanatic in your life.This ornament will be perfect for adding to the spookiness of a haunted house.

It will also be a perfect addition to any Christmas Tree as a haunting reminder of the best holiday of the year! Product Details This terrifying ornament is made in resin and it was meticulously painted to perfection.

Every creepy detail you loved from theSawmovies has been carefully added to this Billy bust. There is an attached ribbon that allows one to hang this ornament where they please.

Lastly, this officially licensed decoration comes in a Collectors Window Box.


Jigsaw Billy Mask With Hair for an Adult


.PUZZLING Typically, if you told us a teeny-tiny puppet doll was peddling a tricycle, we'd probably say, "Really, where?

!" Consider our curiosities piqued.

We wouldn't run away from it, we'd desperately try to find it. 'Hunt him down' would be a better way to put it.


until the unfortunate details about the puppet came to light; until we found out the puppet doll is actually Jigsaw's Billy. No balloon animals here folks, just death traps and psychological tricks.

Yikes! On second thought, we'd like to take a 10-second head start and run far, far away.

Become the peddling hellion from the Saw franchise without using makeup, thanks to the men's Jigsaw Billy mask. It's the most convenient way to look like John Kramer's creation.

Now for the biggesttest yet, finding an adult-sized tricycleto ride..

. PRODUCT DETAILS The molded mask is painted to look like the horror movie icon with spiral shapes on the apples of each cheek, a crooked nose, and disconnected chin.

The curly shoulder-length black hair is attached to the mask's top so wearing a wig isn't necessary. HA HA HA!

Joke's on youif you decide to wear makeup insteadof this realistic mask. Complete the look with a red bow tie.


Saw Billy Inflatable Decoration

Don't get us wrong: we love games here. A good game of Texas Hold 'Em poker with our buddies on a Saturday night?

Yes please. Running through fields yelling "Red Rover, Red Rover"?

Yup. Grinding an MMO on our new gaming computer?

Sign us up! Welove games.

But we're careful about who we say that to, though. The Saw movies ruined the phrase "Want to play a game?

" for us. All we can think about is that creepy puppet and the cruel, sadistic games he so carefully crafted for his victims, players, whatever you call them.

Now anytime someone asks us to play a board game, we don't immediatelydecline, but we do eye them with suspicion before nailing down precisely the game they are asking us to commit to. We're always deathly afraid that Billy the Puppet will be involved somehow.

We want nothing to do with any board game he designed, produced, or otherwise helped set up. So imagine our surprise when this creepy but rather cool Saw Billy Inflatable Decoration showed up at our office.

Probably hiding something awful, he sits on the refrigerator in our break room and just looks..


Sentient, even. Every time we pull our sandwiches out of there for our much-needed break, he's sitting there staring back.

That look fills us with an icy, unshakeable sense of dread. That's exactly what this Saw Billy Decoration can do in your home or yard!

Inspired by the freaky aforementioned puppet from theSaw series of movies, this Saw Billy Inflatable Decoration would make a great addition to any horror film prop collection, your little sister's room on April 1st, or your front porch when the trick-or-treaters come around expecting candy without the slightest bit of terror. This terrorizer will do the trick and have all the games no one asked for!


Saw Billy Puppet Crossbody Purse

This is aSaw Billy Puppet Bag.

Saw Billy Puppet Prop

Want to Play a Game? The Saw movies ruined that phrase for us.

All we can think about is that creepy puppet and the cruel, murderous games he likes to play. Now, any time someone asks us to play a board game, we have to politely decline.


since we're always slightly afraid that Billy the Puppet will secretly be involved. So, imagine our surprise when this Saw Prop showed up at our office.

Just knowing that he's here, in the building, probably plotting something awful..

. well it fills us with an unshakeable sense of dread.

That's exactly what this Saw Billy Puppet will do when you have him in your home! Product Details Inspired by the freaky puppet from the Saw movies, this Billy the Puppet Prop comes with a realistic look that any horror movie fan will appreciate.

The puppet is constructed out of foam with a wire skeletal frame inside, so you can pose him as you like. His face has that creepy, soulless puppet look and he even comes with a full set of clothing.

You can set him up in your living room to terrify guests when you invite them to board game night, or you can just add him to your collection..

. and hope that he doesn't have any games in store for you.