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10.5 Creepy Raven Skeleton Decoration

Never Bore Decking out your den with the ultimate in Halloween havoc is always a tough process. What will you get and where will you put it!

? Should you get a black and orange wreath or is it better to have zombies yammering in your yard?

(And, if so, which shade of gruesome green will really get folks to shriek?) This kind of stuff can plague the mind!

Never fear! A little bird told us that there is the perfect decoration that can be at your doorstep in a snap!

Product Details Conjure up the most delightful and creepy creature in the whole of spooky literature when you get this Creepy Raven Skeleton prop. This little bird can perch on your mantel, over a clock, or even hover over your doorway to stare at folks with its deep and empty eyes.

Plus, just look at howcute this thing is! The blend of adorable and horrifying is where true Halloween bliss lives.


for ever more!


11 Skeleton Rat

Mr. Cheesers lived a good life.

He was a gentle rodent, had a booming family of 87 kids and enjoyed nibbling on garbage. It's a tragedy, really, that he couldn't be with the world of living any longer.

The bell tolls for every rat someday! You can honor his life by scaring local children with this Skeleton Rat decoration, which is a recreation of his bones!

Take it a step further by surroundinghim with a fine, moldy gorgonzola, cardboard boxes that are perfect for chewing, and some couch stuffing. To some, it might look like a pile of trash to you and Mr.

Cheesers it's an altar. Mr.

Cheesers would have loved seeing the look of horror on their faces. The replica of his body is eleven inches tall, eighteen inches if you count his tail and nose.

The jaw even opens and closes for an animated look. He's even got big old ears.

He looks like he's about to launch. .

. who knows, if you give him enough attention he just might come back to life!


11-Inch Lil' Kitty Skeleton Halloween Prop

The Tenth Life Its fairly well-known that cats have nine lives. It does seem like our feline friends constantly escape disaster by only a hair (or whisker).

Theyre able to fall fairly long distances, fit through small spaces, and land on their feet (literally and figuratively!) almost every time.

However, our spooky research team has recently discovered evidence of a possible tenth life in some cats! When a truly good kitty ends its ninth life, it might get to become a skeleton cat destined to spend the rest of eternity with the ghost of a cat lover.

They also get to come to Earth on Halloween night and chase ghostly mice away from small trick-or-treaters, which is one of their favorite nights of the year! Product Details Bring home your very own supernatural cat with this 11-Inch Lil Kitty Skeleton Prop!

Its guaranteed to keep all kinds of ghostly pests away from your house. It will also serve as a great companion to all your other undead dcor!


12 Piece Bag of Skulls Decoration

Keep It Old Skull In this age of technology, smartphones, apps, and tablets, life and Halloween can get pretty complicated. While we're not exactly advocating to return to the good ol' days of wearing a sheet, calling yourself a ghost, and filling up a pillowcase with candy, Halloween can still be a totally successful event if you stick to the classics: skulls and skeletons, vampires and bats, witches and black cats, and spiders and webs.

No need to overthink it! This Bag of Skulls makes a perfect Halloween decoration for your home.

You can place them anywhere you want a pop of spooky seasonal decor. Use them to line a staircase, poke out from the bottom of planter pots, decorate a snack table, or peek out from your windows, because let's face it, as newfangled as decorations can get, there's just something really terrifying about encountering a lifelike human skull, right?

Design & Details This bag comes with 12 skulls in 2 different designs, 6 of each type. Grab 1 bag or several, because once you start finding nooks and crannies to tuck these little skulls into, you won't be able to stop.

It's the little touches and classic charm that makes Halloween so much fun!

13 Inch Oil Slick Skeleton Spider

Doubly Dreadful Are you scared of skeletons? What about spiders?

While both are staples of Halloween dcor, you might find that your visitors are not creeped out by plain old skulls anymore. Or perhaps that spider on a spiderweb decoration you have just doesnt have the same frightening factor after a few years.

If you feel like you need to reinfuse your home with some spooky spirit, why not try getting a prop that combines two scary things into one, like this skeleton spider? Product Details This 13-Inch Oil Slick Skeleton Spider is sure to give your home a double dose of dread!

Even if separately, simple skeletons and spiders dont really scare you, surely a skeleton spider will still send a shiver up your spine! Plus, the iridescent paint job on this one gives it an extra magical, creepy feel.

(We might even call it eerie-descent!) Were sure youll be able to get back into the spooky spirit with this fun prop!


14 Skeleton Vulture

Ready for a fun vulture fact? Vultures from America arent closely related to the old world vultures at all.

The reason that they appear and behave so similarly is because they each separately evolved to do the same thing: flying around, looking creepy, and eating dead things. Heres another fun vulture fact: if they fly around for long enough without eating dead things, then they become dead things themselves!

Thats the circle of life. If you want all the fun of owning a vulture without worrying about feeding it, then look no further than our Skeleton Vulture.

This spooky realistic skeleton makes a great decoration. Its a stellar conversation starter at parties too!

Just whip out this bad boy and say Here: this should give you a good idea of what a vulture skeleton looks like! Youll be the belle of the ball!