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8 oz Graftobian Spirit Gum

Spirited Away Do you get swept up in dreaming about your Halloween costume every year? If you're like us, then as soon as that first fall chill sweeps the summer nights, you start tossing and turning in your bed, thinking about how this year your costume is really going to make an entrance!

With all this enthusiasm, you know you can't just put on a costume and expect shock and awe. No, this year you'll really drop some jaws because you'll transcend 2D makeup by using the wonders of theatrical spirit gum!

Product Details What is spirit gum? It's a theatrical adhesive that can be used to fix hairpieces, fake skin, scars, and other effects to your skin.

To use, apply a dollop to the skin, let it "breathe" and become sticky before applying your desired object. Use makeup remover to return to your original self.

Stuck On You Want to get creative? From goryscars, monster facial features, and horrifying hair, you've got options.

You can take it as far as you want. All you have to do is scroll through our makeup and special effects catalog to get some ideas.

Who knew a little spirit could transform your Halloween look?