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Teen Titans Raven Costume for Women | Cosplay Costume

Me Time We get Raven. She's a Teen Titan not like the rest.

People might call her grumpy. They might call her too introverted.

But sometimes, a girl just needs a little bit of "me" time. She's got a lot of stuff to deal with.

Her dad is an inter-dimensional demon bent on world domination. Her powers also go nuts if she ever lets her temper take control of her.

Sometimes demon eyes appear on her forehead..

. Do you know what doesn't help her deal with those sorts of problems?

Beast Boy shouting in her ear about tofu. Or Cyborg playing loud video games all afternoon.

Or Starfire blathering on about one of the many incomprehensible traditions from Tamaran. Or Robin and his constant need to train with Birdarangs every hour of the day.

All that would be enough to drive any girl crazy! So, we get it.

Rave, if you need to spend some time meditating to keep your calm, then go right ahead. If you want to skip a night out to read your book, you go ahead and do you girl!

Product Details Do you get Raven? Then maybe it's time for you to assume the role of your favorite Teen Titan with this women's Raven costume!

This costume is officially licensed from the animated series and it comes with a black, long-sleeved bodysuit with red accents around the waist. It also comes with the dark purple cape with hood.

After all, you can't be Raven without her signature hood! Finally, the purple boot covers help you put the finishing touch on your Teen Titan cosplay costume.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos With this Raven costume on, you might start feeling like a real superhero! Just remember that it takes years of training to learn some of the magic techniques that Raven uses, so don't go starting a fight with Slade until you've spent some time mastering your chants.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

Teen Titans Robin Costume for Men

Leading the Charge Being the leader is a tough job. You definitely have a lot of work cut out for you if you plan on stepping into the role of Robin from the Teen Titans.

He's in charge of the whole operation, which means keeping the rest of the Titans in line when it's time to fight the bad guys. That means he needs to keep Beast Boy on task, even when it's video game night.

He also needs to make sure Starfire understands Earth's ways, since most of the time she has no clue what's going on. He also needs to make sure that Raven doesn't just lock herself up in her room all day, as she's been known to do.

That's a tall order to fill, but we think you can handle it! It's time to prepare yourself!

Break out the bo-staff. Brush up on your martial arts skills.

Make sure to do a bit of manager training, because you're about to step into the role of the leader of the Teen Titans with this Robin costume! Product Details Officially licensed from the DC show, this Teen Titans Robin costume comes with everything you need (aside from years of training with Batman) to become a superhero.

The costume comes with a full-body jumpsuit designed to look like the one seen in cartoon series. It comes with a faux utility belt around the waist, a printed "R" on the front, and a cape.

The maskwill help you protect your secret identity and the gloves add the finishing touch to the costume. Chill with Batman Don't go thinking that you can fight Slade when you dress up in this costume unlessyou've been honing your karate skills like a champ!

This Teen Titan costume will have you feeling like a hero, but it's no substitute for some training with Batman. Maybe you could give him a ring for an impromptu crime fighting lesson!