Unicorn Costumes

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Adult Pegasus Kigurumi

MAGICAL DREAMS We all have some pretty crazy dreams from time to time. Here in the office, we have a weekly contest for the strangest one of the week.

That usually causes folks to eat some really weird and spicy things by Thursday to give them an extra chance for something really out of this world. Of course, the winner always ends up going to whoever dreams about prancing in a meadow or galloping over mystic rainbows in their magical, unicorn form.

(That may have something to do with the judge being a mythological equine.) PRODUCT DETAILS What wecan say is that those unicorn dreams are the best, no matter who is judging.

Enjoy feeling some of the same fun with this Pegasus Kigurumi. This is a soft, fleece onesie that buttons in the front and has rib-knit cuffs at your wrist and ankles for a secure fit despite the loose fabric on your body.

It has a furry, rainbow tail and a slumbering, magical horse head for the hood! A NEW FORM OF FLIGHT We've all had dreams of flying just by stretching out our arms and taking to the skies.

But, there's nothing like the feeling of being a mystically empowered horse and soaring in pegasus form! Make your dreams a reality with this Kigurumi.


Dark Unicorn One Size Headband

MY MYSTERIOUS LITTLE PONY Legends tell of a land of tiny magical equines that delight in friendship and love to go on adventures together. They've each got a bunch of cool different looks and many of them have some unique powers to bring to bear.

But, eventually, they all basically blend into the same, don't they? It takes a little more intrigue and mystery to really stand out in a world of regular chipper ponies.

And, sometimes, that means delving just a bit into the darkness to see what you can find. The luxurious beauty and taboo power of the bleak shadows is the perfect accent to your power!

PRODUCT DETAILS Transform yourself into a source of dark mystique with this Dark Unicorn Headband. This is the perfect accessory to accent any look, so don't feel limited to wear this accessory featuring deep red flowers and a black spiral horn just to augment your equine look.

It can make you feel like you're standing out no matterwhat you're going for! A MYSTIC TRANSFORMATION Nearly any accessory can give you that extra accent that can either elevate or change your look into something amazing.

But only something like this Flowered Dark Unicorn Headband can transform you into something trulymagical. Feel that perfect mix of Day of the Dead mystique and shadowy mythology and leave everyone else in awe.


Fleece Unicorn Hood

What's better than a rainbow unicorn? Nothing, that's what!

Wanna know why? Because unicorns are mythological, magical, beautiful creatures, and they tend to have rare and extraordinary powers.


.being able to make people follow them through forests against all better judgement, or possessing the ability to cure crazy, deadly spells with their horns or silver unicorn blood, or even helping Tom Cruise get his start in the movies!

When you slip on this warm fleece Unicorn Hood, you'll embody all of the pure, benevolent, glorious rainbow magic of your dreams. Mere strangers will become instant friends, inviting you into their hearts and house parties!

Rag-tag groups of unlikely heroes will be inspired to embark on life-changing adventurous quests! A teary Tom Cruise in a huge fur coat will travel through ice and snow to beg over and over for your forgiveness!

(Just go with itwhen you're a unicorn, you get used to these kinds of embarrassingly emotional displays)

Giant Inflatable Unicorn Costume for Adults

MAKE YOUR OWN MAGIC As children, we would often hear the following advice from adults, "when you grow up, be whatever you want to be." The whimsy guidance eventually became a daily aphorism we recited to remain hopeful during dark times.

No matter what life threw at us, knowing one day we'd grow up to be a unicorn offered us reassurance, no matter what the haters said. The high school years were tough for us for obvious reasons and college wasn't exactly a cake walk either since classes to further our life's ambition, like Rainbow Mane Maintenance and Spiral Horn Shaping and Sharpening 101, didn't exist.

But nothing could squash our lifelong dream of being a unicorn. Over the years, we grew and forced ourselves to get the next best job we could, (writing about unicorns), but our childhoodgoal remained the same.

We never gave up hope and finally, we got the happy ending we wished for. Our dream became a reality once the giant inflatable unicorn adult costume galloped into our lives.

Adulthood is now the enchanting experience we always hoped it would be! So our advice to every kid out there;keep dreaming because dreams eventually do come true.

And if you're an adult who disagrees with that? Wear the inflatable unicorn costume, you can ride off into the sunset while feeling the magic of childhood once again.

PRODUCT DETAILS The unicorn costume inflates once the batteries are inserted into the pack, propelling the interior fan and expanding the costume. Your legs serve as unicorn's two front legs while back half of unicornmaintains shape due to circulating air.

Short sleeves allow for easy reach and hole for head offering clear visibility while majestically trotting. IT'S ALIFESTYLE Here's a unicorn pro tip from yours truly: appear like a more legit unicorn by sprinkling a trail of glitter wherever you go.


Girls Unicorn Costume

What is both magical and majestic, as well as quick and to the point? A unicorn, of course!

They are one of the most enchanting creatures to have ever been thought up. Did you know that some scholars think the legend of the unicorn is based on the rhinoceros?

Well, when your little one is wearing this Girls Unicorn Costume she will get the opportunity to make those smarty-pants think twice. She can show them and everybody else just how exquisite and beautiful a unicorn really is!

Once your little girl dresses up as one of these mythical beauties, shell be the most adorable thing since a unicorn pony. Your little one can be the cutest trick-or-treater this Halloween with this enchanting outfit.

She will look as graceful as a dancer in a ballet and as nimble as a fairy in a forest. Everyone will need to take a second look to make sure that theyre eyes arent deceiving them.

Although we get it, its not every day that you see a wild unicorn running around in the streets! The cute multicolored tutu skirt will make it appear as if a rainbow is floating around her waist while she dashes from house to house.

Shell be the quickest one out there! We would put our money on your cute little pony and bet that she gathers more candy than she ever has before when shes wearing this beautiful costume!

A lot of kids may choose to dress up has dark and horrifying monsters this year, and thats just fine. However, your kiddo can be a shining beacon in the night when shes prancing through the streets with this lovely costume on.


Infant Magical Unicorn Costume

Legend has it that if you catch a unicorn, you will have good luck for the rest of your life. That's convenient, eh?

It's easy to see why everybody would be on the prowl for a wild unicorn to tame and keep for themselves, but it would be easier to see why you might want one for the bright new addition to your family! Your little cutie pie already lights up your life with the magic in her smile and the shine in her big eyes.

Now she can put that power to good use in this adorable Infant Magical Unicorn Costume. This cute costume makes a great first Halloween costume idea!

Party-goers will stop chatting and put down their punch when they realize they are in the auspicious presence of a mythical creature such as your daughter. She's sure to be the focal point of any get-together when she's dressed like the most loved and sought-after creatures in the universe!

(It's either the costume that's got them so enthralled or that pesky myth that says unicorn blood grants eternal life). Let's cross our fingers for the former, yeah?

What is a unicorn after all without a soft coat, bright colors, and that angelic horn? Well, we included all of that in our polyester Infant Magical Unicorn Costume.

It's made up of a white velvety jumpsuit for comfort and cuteness, with skid-resistant purple feet (plus hoof-shaped grips) for safety, and Hook and Loop fastener at the back for an easy in-and-out. featuring a corset style dress, faux fur leg warmers, and an attached mesh petticoat.

Slip your little one into this and you'll have your friends in a downright trance, thinking they've stumbled into the best type of fairy tale.