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'80s Cassette Tape Costume Wristlet

"Classic," Not "Oldies" There's a reason that all the greatest 80s hits are called classics. It's because, just like a great fashion bag, they've never gone out of style!

Everyone's music taste is different, but put on a pop or rock favorite from the '80s and most people are going to be happy. Product Details If you're going to rock and roll all night and party every day, you need this '80s Cassette Party Mix Tape Wristlet!

The bag is printed to look like a cassette with a pink cover decorated with blue stripes, and a label that reads "80s Party Mix!" A zippered compartment keeps your essentials safe, and a wrist strap makes it convenient to carry.

Rock On Do you wanna dance with somebody, or beat it? Either way, you need a reliable and cute bag!

Accent a costume or simply add some cool flair to your everyday outfit.


80's Cell Phone Wristlet

We remember the 80s. Why, back in OUR day, cell phones didnt have all these corn-fangled apps and doo-dads.

There was no picture taking or video game playing around. The only thing a cell phone could do back then was make a phone call!

And you have to walk FIFTEEN miles uphill through the snow just to get a signal. Then, if you were lucky, the phone would have just enough battery power to make a five-minute phone call.

And forget about text messaging! Letters hadnt even been invented yet, so you had to actually talk to people if you wanted to send them a message.

Oh and did we mention how big they were? Why, you couldnt even fit one in your purse or your pocket.

You had to carry it with BOTH arms and thats how you built character back then! This 80s cell phone wristlet gives you a taste of the cellular Stone Age.

Its shaped like an old-school phone and stores a few your essentials inside. Like a real cell phone from the 80s, its ability to make actual phone calls is rather questionable (or non-existent) but it does go great with any costume you might be wearing to an 80s party.


Bat Studded Quilted Faux Patent Black Wallet

Hiding in Plain Sight Vampires need to be near humans in order to hunt. They've evolved past the days of obvious fangs, Transylvanian passports, and chuckling "mwahahahahaha!

" to themselves where their victims can hear them. Except for a slight paleness of skin, you might not notice anything different about their physical appearances (and hey, not everyone can tan, so it would be insensitive to mention it).

You're more likely to spot a vampire by their subtly themed clothing. Product Details Enhance a Halloween costume or show your love of vampires' favorite animals when you carry your Bat Studded Quilted Faux Patent Zip-Around Black Wallet!

The shiny exterior is sewn with a quilt stitch that has been embellished with bat-shaped gunmetal studs. The wallet unzips to reveal an inner compartment with a coin pouch as well as cash and card slots.

Evening Antics Are you a creature of the night? This wallet is ideal for your nocturnal pursuits.

Hopefully those pursuits tend more toward going out with friends than hunting humans.


Biker Wallet w/ Security Chain

Everybody carries around a wallet. Unless of course you are going the more convenient path of toting a fanny pack around, but that hasnt graced the biker culture yet.

The problem with having a wallet and being a biker nobody understands is how easy it is to lose your wallet. Were not talking about untrustworthy pickpockets around town though.

Were talking about when youre driving down the highway and you hit a rock. You bounce a little bit, and that bounce causes your wallet to jump right out of your back pocket.

Good luck finding that thing again when youre flying down the road at 70 miles per hour. Thus the wallet chain was born!

Its a necessity for any biker worth his steel, and your costume just wouldnt be legit enough to win a contest without it. Obviously, to keep up appearances weve even slapped a skull onto the front of this one, and its, of course, a fantastic way to store your cash and plastic for whenever youre on the open road.

It's going to look great with that leather jacket and harley!

Black Skull Women's Wristlet

It's a Dilemma Where do skeletons put their valuables? Bouncers still insist upon carding them when they attend a fun club (the ones that don't run away screaming, that is) and holding your ID in your bony fingers gets old after a while.

Skeletons don't need clothes anymore, but they sure could use a fun purse or wallet for convenience's sake. Product Details Got a bone to pick with having to carry your essential belongings around?

Not anymore! This Women's Black Skull Wristlet Accessory will solve your problem in a stylishly spooky way.

The wristlet has a shiny outer shell made of molded vinly, and the zipper closure unzips to reveal a fabric-lined interior. The included wrist strap clips onto the wristlet's attached D-string so that you can wear it comfortably.

Grin and Wear It When you have an accessory as fun as this one, your smile will be as big as a skeleton's (but a lot less terrifying). Wear it for Halloween or any time you want to send out a spooky vibe.


Cellphone Wristlet Bag

Like, Totally! Ahh, the first days of cell phones!

Who can forget the glory days of teen movies with our favorite stars talking into radio-sized phones about their crushes and favorite teachers and what they were going to wear to that night's party? (Also, did anyone else wonder when they found time to study?

Just curious.) Those phones give us retro vibes now, but they were sooo cutting-edge then.

Bring on the nostalgia! Product Details You'll look so fetch in this Cellphone Wristlet Wallet Accessory!

The clutch's faux-leather outer shell is sewn and printed to look like an old-fashioned cell phone, complete with a heart-detailed speaker and retro "buttons." A 2-way zipper opens to reveal a handy inner pocket.

A peach-colored wrist strap is one zipper pull; a "Call me!" speech bubble charm is the other.

What Are Your Digits? Everyone will want to know your number after they see you sporting this wristlet - if only to ask you where you got it!

Congratulations, you're the most popular person at the party.